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Pregnancy - Yoga - Birth - Doula

I guide women towards positive births, full of presence and connection.

As your Doula (childbirth companion), I support you to have an empowering and positive birth experience, as you define it. I am committed to serving you, supporting you and providing continuity of care.


The inspiration for my work as a Doula is to help women access their innate power, voice and intuition, so that mothers can leverage from their birth (not just heal from it). I offer conscious birth preparation through a dynamic approach of breath-work, prenatal yoga and personal-led inquiry. 

I support families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum by assisting them to cultivate the tools required to bring their babies into the world healthy and empowered, so to consciously and powerfully transition to parenthood.

Sarah Newling
​Full Spectrum Doula

Qualified pre & postnatal yoga 
Member of the Australian Doula College

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