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What is a DOULA?


A Doula is the mother’s constant companion for labour and birth. Different to a partner or friend, the Doula has experience with birth, she serves as a ‘knowledge bank’ for the unexpected and provides continuous support to the family. A Doula can help a mother find positions that are most comfortable and effective for labouring, she protects her privacy and creates a positive birthing atmosphere, buffering influences which can interrupt the natural rhythm of labour.

Benefits of having trained childbirth support

*Research shows Doulas help facilitate shorter, easier, healthier birth:

50% Reduction in cesareans 

25% Shorter labour time

60% Decrease epidural requests 

40% Less syntocin administered 

30% Decrease pain medication use 

40% Reduction forceps/assisted delivery 

Improved breastfeeding rates

Decreased incidence of PND 

Greater maternal satisfaction 

*Klaus, Kennel & Klaus (2002)

“If a Doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it.”
- Dr. John Kennell, MD.

TAILOR YOUR PACKAGE: Pansy - Dahlia - Rose

  • Discovery (complimentary)
    Video call with you (and your partner) to understand individual requirements. We will discuss any previous pregnancies and births. I will ask you to voice your vision and ask questions, this is an opportunity to work out if we are a good fit. 

  • Education & Preparation
    From when you engage me, I offer information, education and support that is tailored specifically to you. I will inform you of your options and give in-depth assistance to construct a 'Birth Map' alongside you. I make sure you have access to the latest evidence-based research and support you in making decisions that feel right for you and your birth. I facilitate a discussion around fears, blockages and healing any previous birth trauma. In the final trimester, I give you and your partner birth preparation suggestions to practise daily as you prepare your body, mind and soul to cross the threshold of birth.

  • Yoga for Pregnancy
    Practise with me to prepare your physical, mental and emotional body for labour and birth. If you choose to attend my weekly prenatal yoga class, you will learn breathing techniques to regulate your nervous system, steady your mind and access your feminine power. I will guide you through poses for optimal maternal positioning and pressure points to strengthen and relax your body inside the birthing process. Prenatal yoga can be packaged in or purchased separately.


  • On-call 38-42 weeks
    Unlimited email and phone contact with me from 37 weeks to whenever your baby decides to come (I also make allowance for unexpected early/later delivery). I am there for you in the lead-up to birth, including attendance at any critical medical appointments, if you wish. I am available for information balancing, support and as a sounding-board to help navigate any proposed medical intervention around due date (eg. induction).

  • Labour & Birth
    I will be present for you and your partner from any point in labour that you desire, until your baby is born. I help create a sacred birth space and promote conditions which are conducive to physiological birth. I offer practical, emotional and mental cushioning for a positive birth experience. I am there to help advocate for your decisions and I will encourage you to connect with yourself, your partner and your baby throughout.I am in close proximity during the ‘golden hours’ to help ensure you feel confident in early bonding and breastfeeding.


  • Birth Photography
    Depending on the length of labour, you can expect to receive around 30-50 full resolution images of your labour and birth. Precious new family memories in photo and/or video, with option for slideshow as a visual record of your baby's arrival.

  • Debrief & Postpartum
    I debrief your experience with you as part of a birth story clearing and integration process. I continue to provide continuity of care; nourishing the mother and family into the fourth trimester. In the first six weeks, I am available for early parenting support; emotional and practical guidance with recovery, feeding, sleep/settling, bonding, baby massage, siblings and new family dynamic, all delivered through a conscious-parenting lens. 


Flexible and tailored packages: you may want to include more or less prenatal and postpartum visits depending on your individual circumstances. Pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes are also available, along with private childbirth education and  postpartum doula support for the fourth trimester.

Email or call to receive detailed support packages and discuss how we can tailor to your unique family needs.

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