My name is Sarah - I teach specialised YOGA and am a BIRTH and POSTPARTUM Doula living in East Lake Macquarie. I support all types of births from Belmont to Newcastle and the greater Hunter region. 

I am also a Mama to two small humans; an introverted, deep-thinking performer and animal lover, Zach (9) as well as vivacious, artistic and affectionate social-butterfly, Ella (6). Both whom continue to grow my intellect, challenge my being and teach me about life.

I don’t teach birth, I help women remember
I offer prenatal yoga along with conscious birth preparation to assist mothers in cultivating the tools necessary to bring their babies into the world healthy and empowered.

When a baby is born, so too is a mother

I create beautiful, warm and welcoming spaces for women, their partners and babies. I act as a calm and reassuring presence at every type of birth (hospital, birth-centre, home). In pregnancy and birth there is an invitation to go inward, to surrender and trust your body, your baby, your choices, but we can only do that when we feel safe, supported and open.

My role is to encourage, educate and support

I provide balanced research and resources to inform families of their options and will act as a sounding-board through each trimester so that you feel confident to navigate the vast and often perplexing birth landscape. I have supported planned cesarean births, natural and physiological birth in both home and hospital setting.

Your birth, your way

I believe birth is one of the most transformational experiences in a woman's life. Pregnancy literally changes the female body at a cellular level. For many women this expansion is a deeply spiritual opportunity and rite of passage; a voyage between dimensions. As a Doula, I am passionate about integrating ancient feminine wisdom with modern technique to guide women towards positive births, full of presence and connection.

Whatever stage of pregnancy or planning you are at, it is never too early (or too late) to start a conversation about your journey, birth and postpartum, phone or text me: 0417 711 300 to book a complimentary ‘birth discovery’ meeting, virtual or face to face. 'Due date' availability queries can be emailed to: sarah@yogimama.com.au (I only work with two clients per calendar month, so it is a good idea to do this early). Follow me on Facebook @sarahyogimama and Instagram @sarah.yogimama for juicy birth bits.