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My name is Sarah - I offer PREGNANCY YOGA and full-spectrum BIRTH and POSTPARTUM Doula services to families in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. I have experience in all settings (home, birth-centre, hospital) and support all types of birth (physiological, assisted, planned gentle cesarean). My passion is helping women birth their babies healthy and empowered.

I don’t teach birth, I help women remember
I offer prenatal yoga that fosters conscious birth preparation tools to assist women in preparing for this rite of passage. Our bodies know how to dance, sing, to make love, birth and to die. When we live in the mind we doubt our ability, our judgement and intuition. The practise of yoga helps us to wake up through the sense and arrive back in the body.

Your body, your baby, your choice

We are called to be the authority in our pregnancy and birth. I provide my clients with the most current evidence to assist in making informed decisions about your body, your baby and your birth. I act as a calm, confident and reassuring presence in labour to remind you of your birth-rights and will be a communication bridge for you and your partner to advocate where necessary.

My role is to encourage, educate and support

I offer balanced research and evidence-based resources to assist families in understanding their options in pregnancy, labour and birth. My support extends through each trimester so that you feel confident navigating the vast and often perplexing maternal health landscape. I create beautiful, warm and welcoming birth spaces for my clients to feel safe and supported and provide continuity of care regardless of the path your birth takes.

When a baby is born, so too is a mother

Birth is one of the most transformative experiences in a woman's life. Pregnancy not only changes the body at a cellular level. For many, the expansion is a deeply spiritual endeavour; a voyage between dimensions. My approach integrates ancient feminine wisdom with modern researched technique to guide women towards positive births, full of presence and connection.

I am also a mother to two humans so limit birth support to three per calendar month. It is a good idea to arrange a call as early as possible. You are also welcome to attend a prenatal yoga class as a way for us to meet. Please use the contact form to enquire.

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